Process, Strategy and Performance Management System

  • Do you have a productive company?

    • Are you able to meet customer expectations rapidly and with premium quality?
    • Can you implement your strategies?
    • Do you have an effective performance measurement system?
    • Do you have clear authorizations and responsibilities at your enterprise?
    • Do you use your resources efficiently?

    Ensemble = Efficiency

      • Efficient process management
      • Performance Tracking
        • Organization
        • Process
        • Individual
      • Strategy Management
        • Expansion
        • Adoption
        • Tracking
      • Organizational Improvement

    A well-managed process…

      • Focuses on clients
      • Adds value to the organization
      • Clearly adopted
      • Is easily understood
      • Measured regularly
      • Improved constantly

    Elements of Ensemble

    ensemble_en_04 ensemble_en_04b


      • Easy and fast drawing
      • Multiple level modeling
      • Lane line drawing
      • Organizational hierarchy
      • Resource hierarchy
      • Resource pools
      • Examining process data with database logic
      • Centralized management of flexible and distributed structures
      • ISO 9001, ISO 16949 process approach
      • Works through integration with organizational systems,
        • Resource
        • Document
        • Indicator
        • Responsible
      • Adaptable user entry screens
      • Data integration with organizational systems

    Balanced Scorecard Module


      • Gradual scorecard
      • Master scorecard
      • Indicator reference and expansion
      • Strategy map
      • Adaptable role based screens
      • Comparison with competing and other indicators
      • Parametrical scorecard structure
      • Manuel data entry interface
      • Warning and actions
      • Actual realizations, periodical
      • Cumulative assessment
      • Performance assessment through visual (Color) and qualitative identifications
      • Online, Excel, Word etc. reports
      • Data integration with organization systems

    Strategic Plan Module


    • Disciplined and systematic infrastructure for strategic planning
    • Contribution and participation at all stages
    • Performance results are
      • Monitored
      • Assessed
      • Audited
    • (Creating performance database)
    • Adopting and implementing the strategic plan rather than considering it as a document issued every five years.

    Main advantages of Ensemble

    • Reduces repeated works
    • Reduces costs
    • Saves time on audits
    • Assures employee participation
    • Assures systematic performance monitoring
    • Improves efficiency
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